I would like to share the experience I encountered with Donna Thacker, who was previously with American Showcase Modulars.  I was initially somewhat skeptical of the modular home route and considered the traditional stick built home, but I was informed by Donna that there would be very little needed of me because she was going to shoulder the burden of handling as many concerns that she possibly  could.  I must say…and to my surprise…that is exactly what she did!  Donna was the contractor of a dream! 

I started the search for a modular home approximately six months before I was ready to begin construction and Donna was there coaching me along the way.  The actual construction of my home took nearly six months, but the process was virtually seamless.  Proper planning was essential.  I made considerable changes to the original floor plan and the home turned out absolutely gorgeous!!!  I am thankful I had a contractor, such as Donna, help me through the process.  I have worked in the business sector, in the financial institution industry for more than 25 years and I have had numerous people say they would never build another home (after experiencing horrific difficulties), but I wouldn’t mind doing it all over again, as long as I had someone like Donna assisting me through the process.

I highly recommend Donna Thacker with handling anyone’s home construction needs.  She has proven herself to be dependable, trustworthy and a woman of her word!  Thank you Donna for what you have done for me and my family.  Continue to stay true to your word and I am certain you and your customers will reap tremendous rewards!

want to thank Donna Thacker for all her help in getting us into our new modular home in a timely manner. In addition to all the normal items associated with a new modular home, we also had several big projects that she handled. This included building a new front porch, covered back deck and 2 car garage and the home was still completed within 3 months from the time it was set until final inspection. She was very dependable and had no problem getting involved with all aspects of the project. We are very pleased with our new home and I would highly recommend Donna to anyone considering the path of purchasing a modular home. She will be sure to take care of you and make sure you are happy throughout the process. She won’t let you down.

Thank you again